About us

Alliance française de Lucknow is part of a network of 14 Alliances in India and over 1000 in the world. All these organisation share core values which makes their strength and lead are their actions: Diversity, Solidarity, Tolerance & Interculturality.

In Lucknow, we teach French to persons of all ages and background, we organize cultural events about French and Francophone Cultures, and we provide a lot of other services (translation, counseling for studies and work abroad, etc.).

Located in the beautiful premice of La Martinière Girls College the Alliance has fully equipped offices and classrooms in the Heart of Lucknow.

An Association from Lucknow

The French Alliance in Lucknow is an Indian non-profit organization, constituted in accordance with the statutes and aims of the Fondation Alliance Française of Paris. It aims to promote the French language in the city of Lucknow, gather together those who desire to contribute towards developing understanding and enjoyment of French culture and language, and, on a larger scale, foster greater mutual understanding between India and France by encouraging linguistic and cultural exchanges. The organization operates within a framework of responsible and well-balanced management, which guarantees its spirit of independence.

Recognized by the French Embassy in India, the Association is ruled by a board comprising distinguished local personalities from the fields of culture, education, science, and business.

Among these Key Persons dedicated to promote the French language and culture, is an Executive Committee which takes care of the management of Alliance française Lucknow.

  • Mrs. Zohra Chatterji, President
  • Mrs Aashrita Dass, Vice-President
  • Mrs. Noor Khan, Treasurer
  • Dr. Upma Chaturvedi, Secretary General
  • Mr. Gautam Bajaj, Secretary
  • Dr. Nishi Pandey
  • Mr. Dhanushvir Singh
  • Mr. Prateek Hira
  • Mr. Najaf Rizvi

An Action-Based Teaching

The pedagogy used by Alliance française de Lucknow, as all the French Alliances in the world, is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and its division into 6 levels of competency A1 and A2 for beginner, B1 and B2 for advanced, and C1 and C2 for expert.

As an example, C2 is the level of a native speaker, while B1 is oftentime the level demanded to go study and work in a French Speaking Country.

We focus a lot on the education of our teachers for them to use an Action-based pedagogy, that focuses on Oral skills and offer the possibility to quickly communicate in French.

A Pedagogical and Administrative Team

  • Director: Mr. Vincent Miny
  • Administrator: Mr. Vivek Pant
  • Cours Coordinator: Mrs. Zoé Caron
  • Pedagogical Projects Manager: Mrs. Rajshree Gupta
  • Cultural Projects Manager: Mr. Lorenzo Biagini
  • French Teacher: Mr. Shahab Usmani
  • French Teacher: Dr. Mohammad Khalid
  • French Teacher: Mrs. Pallavi Mishra
  • French Teacher: Mrs. Alina Fatima Khan
  • French Teacher: Mr. Eshu Nishad
  • French Teacher: Mr. Arka Bhattarcharya

Should you be interested in joining our team in Lucknow, please send an email to [email protected].

We look forward to speak French with you !

A professionnal network of partners

Alliance française of Lucknow works with several organizations in Uttar Pradesh, in India, in France, and in the entire world.