“I have learned French before…”

Alright, it is great, but it is not enough for us to know exactly in which level we should enrol you. Even if you have a DELF certificate or if you completed any level a long time ago, maybe you have forgotten a few things and need revision.

Then to avoid enrolling students in the wrong level, we need to properly mesure your proficiency in the 4 competences : Understanding, Reading, Writing & Speaking

For that purpose, the network of Alliance française in India has created a really efficient Placement test, called “MON TEST

It is a simple questionnaire that you can do online and which is going to give us your exact level in each of these competencies.

The Test takes between 1 and 3 hours, depending on your level, and will help us to register you in the level corresponding to your needs

Do note that a fee of Rs. 900/- is charged for the test in Alliance française de Lucknow.


You can enroll for a placement test by writing to [email protected]