Established in 2016, Alliance française de Lucknow

… is part of a world-wide network of 830 sisters organization and is one of the fifteen Alliances located in India. Run by a Lucknavi Board of Directors, it is located in the beautiful and central premises La Martinière Girls’ College. As a local non-profit organisation it reflects the desire to share with others of French language and culture, as well as other various aspects of the French way of life. We offer regular courses for adults and children of all levels and agesprivate tuition to suit your needs, tailor-made courses to schools, companies and businesses as well as online courses.

Our teachers are all native and certified French speakers, fully qualified to teach French as a foreign language. We are also an official examination centre for personal or professional French exams such as the Test d’Evaluation du Français (TEF) or the Diplôme d’Etudes/Approfondi en Langue Française (DELF/DALF).

Our teaching activities are complemented by a wide range of cultural and social events such as the Cafés , the Ciné-Club, wine tastings, exhibitions etc. Our modern multimedia library also offers a wide selection of items in French (Games, DVDs, books, CDs) as well as learning materials for all levels. It is open to all for a small annual fee.

French is a not only spoken around the world on all five continents, it is also the official language of international organizations such as the European Union, NATO, the United Nations and its agencies etc.

The Alliance Française opens the door to many cultural linguistic exchanges and offers little aperçu of what the French-speaking countries have to offer.

The Fondation Alliance française

Ever since its creation in 1884, the Alliance Française de Paris has helped the Alliances Françaises expand their network the world over. In July 2007, its status was modified and it

became the Fondation Alliance Française. This foundation is officially recognized as a non-profit organization and represents the moral and legal referent of the Alliances Françaises throughout the world.

The Foundation has exclusive ownership of the “Alliance Française” label and grants the right to use it. Whenever a new Alliance is created, it has to refer to the Foundation in order to be officially recognized after examination of its status. Prior to the attribution of this label, the Foundation ensures that the associations, which abide by local law, also respect a set of guiding principles defined by itself and common to all the Alliances. These principles include strict political and religious neutrality with respect to local disputes.

The Foundation supports good governance in the Alliances. It has experts organized according to geographical zones, capable of reacting and advising an Alliance Française when it encounters a difficulty. The Foundation is supported jointly by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Education which contribute to its budget and to the management of its workforce. Twelve permanent collaborators work at the Fondation. Its Board of Directors comprises renowned personalities like writer Eric Orsena, and journalist Bernard Pivot. Its sponsors, CIC- Banque Transatlantique, Laboratoires Pierre Fabre, le Cordon Bleu, and Total, constitute an active school. Its principal donors, among whom is Pierre Moussa, founder of Paribas, also have a seat there.

For more, you can visit the website of the Fondation Alliance Française: