Why offline?

Because we want to be part of a learning community, a class of learners alike all with a project with the French language. Whether it is for career, studies or for the joy of learning, we want to interact as much as possible with different people, do mistakes together, and advance as a group in our learning. In Alliance française de Lucknow we try to keep the learning experience as comfy as possible with small groups (average 10 students) so that student-teacher and student-student interaction is facilitated.

As all our courses we have 2 different modes of learning:

Intensive Course – 10 hours per week/ about 3 months per level : the faster and efficient modality for persons looking for a fast way to learn French

Regular Course – 4 hours per week / about 6 months per level : a slower way to learn the language for people willing to take their time

What do you need?

Nothing, just come with your textbook, a notebook, a few pens, and a lot of joy and wish to learn and interact

Out of respect for your teacher and your co-learners, it is very important that you show up on time, are focused during the entire course (yes, that means no smartphone), and take the chance to speak as much as possible. Your goal is to learn to speak French so give yourself the chance to speak and do as many mistakes as you need, this is why classrooms are for!

How long does it take?

  • In Lucknow

    • A1 level = 120 hours (3 months with Intensive courses)
    • A2 level = 120 hours (3 months with Intensive courses)
    • B1 level = 180 hours (4.5 months with Intensive courses)
    • B2 level = 200 hours (5 months with Intensive courses)
    • C1 level = 240 hours (6 months with Intensive courses)

How much does it cost?

Here is our price list in Alliance française de Lucknow:

A1 level (120 hours) : Rs. 15,978/-

A2 level (120 hours) : Rs. 16,978/-

B1 level (180 hours) : Rs. 26,877/-

B2 level (200 hours) : Rs. 36,500/-

C1 level (240 hours) : Rs. 39,436/-

C2 level (240 hours) : Rs. 39,436/


Additionally, a yearly membership fee of Rs. 500 + GST is mandatory for all our students so they can become members of the association.


Should you want to register again in the same sublevel you just finished, you will pay only 50% of its price.

I want to join

  • A batch for beginners (A1 level)

Welcome to your first French Course, you can register by clicking here : https://lucknow.afindia.org/registration-courses/


  • An advanced batch (A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2)

For a more advanced level, you will first need to undergo a placement test*. Please register by clicking here :  https://lucknow.afindia.org/placement-test-a1/

*Except if you already have a DELF certification or if you have finished a level from another Alliance française in the past 6 months.