The staff of Alliance française de Lucknow is located in the main center in Lucknow with a teacher operating in Varanasi.

  • Director: Mr. Vincent Miny
  • Administrator: Mr. Vivek Pant
  • Courses Coordinator: Mrs. Zoé Caron
  • Accountant: Mr. Farog Ahsan
  • Cultural Projects Manager:
  • Pedagogical Projects Manager:
  • French Teacher: Dr. Mohammad Khalid
  • French Teacher: Mr. Shahab Usmani
  • French Teacher: Mrs. Pallavi Mishra
  • French Teacher: Mrs. Alina Fatima Khan
  • French Teacher: Mr. Eshu Nishad
  • French Teacher: Mr. Arka Bhattarcharya
  • French Teacher: Mrs. Saumya Trivedi
  • French Teacher: Mrs. Astha Tiwari
  • French Teacher (Benarès): Nadhia Guendouz

To contact any member of the team, kindly write to [email protected]