Active members of Alliance française

Alliance française is an association of persons interested in French language and culture. Becoming a member typically offers a range of advantages, including:

  • VIP/free access to events;
  • Preferential rate on courses: (15% off the prices for members and their families)
  • Being part of an international community with universal values;
  • Benefit from the network at the national and international level;
  • Invitation to official events and meetings;
  • Access to Alliance française de Lucknow’ Library
  • Tourism tips for France.

Commitments of the members

The duties of a member of the Alliance française can encompass various responsibilities and contributions to support the organization’s goals and activities.

  • Active Participation to engage in the activities and events organized by the Alliance française, including attending exhibitions, performances, workshops, and cultural events.
  • Foster cultural exchange by sharing insights, experiences, and perspectives related to the French language and culture with other members and the wider community.
  • Promotion: Act as an influencer for the Alliance française by promoting its mission, values, and activities among friends, colleagues, and networks.
  • When possible, offer voluntary support and assistance during events, exhibitions, or cultural initiatives organized by the Alliance française.
  • Build connections and foster collaborations with other members, creating a vibrant community of individuals interested in the French language and culture.
  • Support Fundraising Efforts: Contribute financially through membership fees or donations to support the Alliance française in its endeavors to promote French language education and cultural activities.
  • Participation in General Assembly Meetings: Attend and actively participate in General Assembly meetings, electing the Board of Directors and contributing to important decisions concerning the organization’s governance.

These duties reflect the active involvement and commitment expected of members, ensuring the vitality and success of the Alliance française in promoting French language education and fostering cultural exchange.

To become an active member of Alliance française de Lucknow you need to send the following form to Alliance française de Lucknow center (or by email at [email protected]) with the name of two persons from the existing members ready to second your membership  : Membership form-1

In 2023 the yearly fees for active Members is of Rs. 2124/-