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Date(s) - 14/12/2023
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Last night, Café Hons in Hazratganj came alive with the mesmerizing beats and soulful melodies of Maya Kamaty, the talented Creole Urban Pop musician hailing from the enchanting island of Réunion.

Maya Kamaty, known for her unique blend of genres that effortlessly fuses Creole traditions with urban pop, brought an electric atmosphere to the venue. The crowd was swept away by the rhythmic vibes and infectious energy, creating a night of pure musical bliss.

The dance floor was ablaze with joy as everyone moved to the irresistible tunes, creating an unforgettable ambiance. Maya Kamaty’s performance transcended borders, connecting hearts through the universal language of music.

A heartfelt thank you to Maya Kamaty for gracing us with her extraordinary talent and to all those who joined us to make this evening truly special. Your presence added to the magic, and we are grateful for the shared moments of music, dance, and celebration.

Let’s continue to celebrate diversity through music, and we look forward to hosting more unforgettable events in the future. Stay tuned for the next musical journey at Café Hons!